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My research interests are mainly focussed on terrestrial mammal ecology and behaviour in relation to habitat use and their implications for conservation and management. I am particularly interested in using new techniques and technology to help answer ecological questions, and provide new tools for conservation management and monitoring. For my PhD I assessed the ecology and behaviour of brown hares and rabbits in pastures and the effects of livestock grazing on their distribution. As part of this I used tri-axial accelerometers on hares to assess their behaviour.

Currently, I am exploring the effects of sheep grazing and movement in upland areas of Wales using GPS and tri-axial accelerometers to assess the influence of sheep urine deposition on nitrous oxide emissions. This will provide high resolution spatial and temporal data that will be used to create a spatially explicit predictive model of sheep movement and activity.

Areas of Expertise

  • Conservation Biology
  • Behavioural Ecology
  • Terrestrial Mammals
  • Ecology
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Animal Behaviour


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