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  • BIO112 Life in the Oceans

    This module introduces students to the largest biome on the planet and the huge variety of life it contains; over 71% of the Earth¿s surface is covered by ocean and its health is intricately connected with our own. Lectures will consider the formation of ocean basins and key oceanographic processes within them before moving onto the chemical and physical properties of water. The module will introduce students to primary production in the ocean, the huge diversity of life within marine food chains, and key processes in nutrient cycling. Marine ecosystems will be discussed in detail, with focus on those found around the UK, before considering the interaction between humans and the oceans and the challenges faced by marine organisms in an ocean changing because of our activities.


  • The rate of evolution of weapons and ornaments. (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr William Allen
  • Impacts of behavioural phenotype on acclimatisation behaviour and predator interactions in Danio rerio (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Tamsyn Uren Webster