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Dr Wendy Harris

Associate Professor, Biosciences

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+44 (0) 1792 295145

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Office - 113
First Floor
Margam Building
Singleton Campus


I am an ecologist and entomologist with specific interests in equipping our students and the public with an understanding of the ecological roles and value of insects in ecosystem functioning.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Entomology
  • Applied ecology
  • Plant-insect relationships
  • Ecological monitoring
  • Bat ecology
  • Conservation
  • Citizen science and outreach

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests
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As a field ecologist I am able to share my love for the natural world during field courses and as Head of Zoology, I co-ordinate the level 5 Zoology field course. I also contribute to level 6 Professional Skills in Conservation field course and level 7 Tropical Ecology and Conservation field trip to Borneo.

My teaching research centres around developing interactive methods to support students to increase their performance and develop a critical approach, especially using technology to facilitate and augment learning.

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I am interested in understanding how insect communities can be enhanced by changing management practices. My interests include integrating the public into our scientific community through citizen science schemes to collect invertebrate data. I am keen to encourage active engagement with the natural world and disseminate the ecological threats to insects and methods of mitigation.

I supervise students investigating a range of entomology-facing projects, as well as studies of lesser horseshoe bat distribution, sand dune restoration, and the interaction between rare sand dune-inhabiting orchid species and rhizosphere microorganisms.

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I am an advocate of interdisciplinary work and collaborate with colleagues in Engineering, Computer Science and Geography.
I also enjoy working with industry partners, including Natural Resources Wales, Bat Conservation Trust and the National Trust.