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I’m an ecologist with a background in computer engineering that have found my perfect scientific niche within the field of theoretical ecology. I have a broad interest in the ecological and evolutionary processes that governs the ‘tangled bank’ and underpins the ‘balance of nature’ of natural ecosystems. In my research I focus on the effects of environmental variation and within- and between species interactions on the dynamics, stability and functioning of ecological networks.

Currently, I’m a NERC-funded postdoc at Swansea University working together with Mike Fowler (Swansea) and Steve Sait (Leeds University). We study a host-parasitoid system and combine theoretical and experimental approaches to investigate the effects of environmental variation on the ecology and evolution of insect-natural enemy interactions.

Areas of Expertise

  • The dynamics and stability of ecological networks
  • Environmental stochasticity
  • Host-parasitoid systems
  • Computer programming


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