Dr Alla Silkina
Research Officer
Telephone: (01792) 295446
Room: Research Office - 006A
Ground Floor
Wallace Building
Singleton Campus


  1. & Comparing Nutrient Removal from Membrane Filtered and Unfiltered Domestic Wastewater Using Chlorella vulgaris. Biology 7(1), 12
  2. & Bioremediation efficacy—comparison of nutrient removal from an anaerobic digest waste-based medium by an algal consortium before and after cryopreservation. Journal of Applied Phycology 29(3), 1331-1341.
  3. & Formulation and utilisation of spent anaerobic digestate fluids for the growth and product formation of single cell algal cultures in heterotrophic and autotrophic conditions. Bioresource Technology 244, 1445-1455.
  4. & Utilising light-emitting diodes of specific narrow wavelengths for the optimization and co-production of multiple high-value compounds in Porphyridium purpureum. Bioresource Technology 221, 607-615.
  5. & Cultivating Chlorella vulgaris and Scenedesmus quadricauda microalgae to degrade inorganic compounds and pesticides in water. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23(18), 18165-18174.

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  • 'Fine tuning light to optimise pigments in Nannochloropsis sp' (awarded 2017)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Carole Llewellyn

Key Grants and Projects

  • ALG-AD 2018

    , Welsh Government Targeted Match Fund and Interreg/NWE1IVB (ERDF) £5,5 mln

  • Evaluation of microalgae dewatering cultures using massively multiplexed microfluidic systems*† 2017 - 2018

    , BBSRC - £25K

  • PILOTS4U 2017 - 2019

    , H2020 - £90K

  • Phycopigments 2016 - 2018

    , £250K - Innovate UK Newton

  • EnAlgae - Energetic Algae 2011 - 2015

    Micro and macroalgae biomass production, downstream processing and modelling, Welsh Government and Interreg IVB/NWE, dept. value 1,575,000

  • A4BAdvance bioproducts - Advanced Bio-Products: To enhance expertise and infrastructure towards lucrative markets for advanced algae-based bio-products and processes 2013 - 2014

    Macroalgae hatchery implementation; Microalgae production remediating the waste nutrients, £240K ERDF & A4B,

  • ACCOMPLISH - Algal Carbon Capture and BiOMass Production - LInked Supply cHain 2011 - 2015

    Aqueous and flue gas waste remediation using microalgae, ERDF & A4B - £200K; TATA Steel UK Ltd, Welsh Water plc, Axium Process Ltd - £425K

  • BioalgaeSorb - Enabling European SMEs to remediate wastes, reduce GHG emissions and produce biofuels via microalgae cultivation 2010 - 2013

    Waste remediation by algal biotechnology, £650K FP7

  • ShellPlant - Development of a novel production system for intensive and cost effective bivalve farming 2010 - 2013

    Algal culture for feeding of valuable bivalves , £240K FP7

  • Algal Biotechnology KTC - Algal biotechnology for Wales Knowledge Transfer Centre: To provide an interface between academia and Welsh businesses interested in working in the algal biotechnology sector 2008 - 2013

    Business assistance for development of algal biotechnology , £380K ERDF, A4B

External Responsibilities

  • Organisation Comity, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

    2010 - 2010

  • Teaching Assistant, University of Southern Britany

    2004 - 2007

  • Assistant, International Relationship Office, Lorient, France

    2007 - 2008

  • Management Assistant of Doctoriales®Bretagne 2007, Research Department, UBS, Lorient, France

    2007 - 2008

  • Guide, Marine Aquarium, National Science Academy, Ukraine

    1996 - 2003

Administrative Responsibilities

Dr Alla SILKINA is a Research Officer in the Centre of Sustainable Aquatic Research for; Algal Biotechnology for Wales KTC, ACCOMPLISH A4B CIRP, Advanced Bio-Products A4B, EnAlgae INTERREG, BioAlgaeSorb and Shell Plant FP 7 projects operating from the CSAR at Swansea University. 

Alla is working in the applied biotechnology sector with expertise on algal physiology and algal pigments. Her skills include mass cultivation of microalgae, PBR maintenance and the optimisation of growth kinetics. Her expertise is based on assessments of growth and algal physiology in response to culture conditions utilising small and large scale optimisation reactor designs. 

Her main activities include Product development, purification analysis, downstream processing, optimisation of growth conditions for pigments and other molecules production.

Alla has 5 years of industrial experience in applied research working with Business-Academia collaborations. During this time 65 Welsh SME’s and 50 enterprises, organisations or association groups outside Wales were assisted, providing support and expertise in the field of algal biotechnology