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  • PM-004 Fundamentals of Microbiology & Disease

    This module will provide the student with an overview of the fundamentals of microbiology, its causative role in human disease and the intervention of antimicrobials and antibiotics. The role of immunity and its role in human defence against disease will also be introduced in this module, and how this may be modulated in response to pathogens. Lectures will be accompanied by a practical session in microbiological techniques and an essay with academic support. Mae'r modiwl yma yn rhoi trosolwg i fyfyrwyr o hanfodion mewn microbioleg, ei rôl achosol mewn afiechydon dynol ac ymyrraeth gwrthficrobaidd a gwrthfiotig. Caiff rôl imiwnedd a'i rôl mewn amddiffyn dyn yn erbyn afiechydon, a sut mae'n addasu mewn ymateb i bathogenau ei gyflwyno hefyd yn y modiwl yma. Caiff y darlithoedd eu cyfeilio gan sesiynau ymarferol mewn technegau microbiolegol a traethawd efo cefnogaeth academaidd.

  • PM-120 Skills for Geneticists I

    This module is designed to develop the skills required for students of genetics and medical genetics. Students will meet with tutors and be given a series of assignments designed to develop skills in key areas such as essay writing, presentations and general numeracy. Joint sessions will cover generic skills such as internet searching for scientific sources, referencing and plagiarism.

  • PM-256 Communicating Medical Sciences

    An important aspect of the role of scientists concerns the communication of complex scientific ideas and research to non-specialist audiences. This module will explore methods of science communication including public events and campaigns and through digital and social media. There will be a focus on visual communication techniques (such as digital storytelling and infographics) to facilitate engagement and presentation of information for different audiences. Students will be required to create a poster, write an abstract, and write and deliver a podcast (digital audio file).

  • PM-315 Skills For Geneticists III

    The module aims to develop the student¿s ability to critically analyse and synthesise advanced research topics in genetics and molecular biology, and their oral and written scientific presentation skills.