Professor Powell is a Consultant Neurologist in Morriston Hospital, Swansea and Honorary Chair at Swansea University Medical School. He has a clinical interest in epilepsy and sleep neurology with a particular interest in epilepsy imaging, the co-morbidities of epilepsy, and the presurgical evaluation of patients for epilepsy surgery. Current research interests include the use of SAIL data-linkage to investigate comorbidities in epilepsy.

Areas of Expertise

  • Clinical Epilepsy
  • Neuroimaging


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  • PM-257 Neuroscience

    In order to help students understand the biological basis for behavioural neuroscience and neurological disorders, this module seeks to integrate the multidisciplinary sciences - for example, anatomy, physiology and biochemistry - that have combined to build the emerging field of neuroscience. The aim is to gain a mechanistic and holistic knowledge of the nervous system that builds from the molecular, cellular and developmental, to the systems level. In addition to exploring normal function, this module will introduce common disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems in an integrated way. Students will be guided in exploring the scientific evidence around what is known and unknown and will be introduced to current research findings in the scientific literature.

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
September 2011 Present Consultant Neurologist, ABMU
2007 2011 Neurology Training South Wales
2003 2007 Trained for PhD Institute of Neurology, Queen Square

External Responsibilities

Research Groups

  • The Neurology Research Group

    Professor Powell is the Principal Investigator in ABM for 2 multicentre national studies. He is interested in integrating research work into routine clinical practice, making the recruitment of patients from Neurology clinics into the Neurology Biobank part of his routine practice.

  • Swansea Neurology Biobank

    He has also established the epilepsy MDT at Morriston hospital to facilitate regular interaction between clinicians and academics.

  • Neurology SAIL Group

    Professor Powell plays an active role in the Neurology Research Group, the Swansea Neurology Biobank and the Neurology SAIL Group.