Professor Keith Lloyd
Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Telephone: (01792) 602206
Room: Office - 303b
Third Floor
Institute of Life Science 2
Singleton Campus

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I am Dean and Head of the medical school at Swansea University and a clinical academic specialising in psychiatry. My research interests are psychiatric epidemiology, the management of mental disorders in primary care and community settings especially suicide and self harm, and patient perspectives. Increasingly my work draws on mental health informatics. I work clinically as a psychiatrist in Swansea's ABMU Health Board.

Areas of Expertise

  • Public Mental Health
  • Psychiatric Epidemiology
  • Suicide and self harm
  • Heath Informatics


  1. Rahme, E., Thibodeau, L., Lachaud, J., Pelletier, É., Rochette, L., John, A., Reneflot, A., Lloyd, K., Lesage, A. Status report - Individual, programmatic and systemic indicators of the quality of mental health care using a large health administrative database: an avenue for preventing suicide mortality Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada 38 7/8 295 304
  2. John, A., Glendenning, A., Marchant, A., Montgomery, P., Stewart, A., Wood, S., Lloyd, K., Hawton, K. Self-Harm, Suicidal Behaviours, and Cyberbullying in Children and Young People: Systematic Review
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  4. Fone, D., White, J., Farewell, D., Kelly, M., John, G., Lloyd, K. Effect of neighbourhood deprivation and social cohesion on mental health inequality: a multilevel population-based longitudinal study. Psychological Medicine 22 1 12
  5. Lloyd, K., McGregor, J., John, A., Craddock, N., Walters, J., Linden, D., Jones, I., Bentall, R., Lyons, R., Ford, D., Owen, M. A national population-based e-cohort of people with psychosis (PsyCymru) linking prospectively ascertained phenotypically rich and genetic data to routinely collected records: Overview, recruitment and linkage Schizophrenia Research 166 1-3 131 136

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  • PM-341 Human Biology and the Environment

    This module is intended to provide an understanding of how our environmental factors impact on key aspects of human biology. Various environmental factors such as diet, stress, and pollution will be considered with a focus on their effects on epigenetics, inflammation, gut microbiota, mitochondrial health, and oxidative stress in non-communicable diseases in particular (e.g. chronic respiratory disease, cancer and metabolic disorders). The effect of extreme environments (e.g. altitude, space) and ageing on multiple organ systems will be considered. Students will gain practical experience in communicating these issues to scientific and non-scientific audiences.


  • The Role and Effects of Self-harm in Adults (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Keith Lloyd
    Other supervisor: Dr Alison Porter
    Other supervisor: Prof Ann John
  • Self-HArm Research UK (SHARE-UK) (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Keith Lloyd
    Other supervisor: Prof Ann John
  • How effective is the Further Education/Higher Education (FE/HE) skills supply pipeline in South West Wales to support an evolving Life Science sector? (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Keith Lloyd
    Other supervisor: Prof Keith Lloyd
    Other supervisor: Prof Keith Lloyd
  • 'The SMS (Short-Messaging for Self-harm) study to develop a complex intervention to reduce repeat self-harm among young people presenting to emergency departments.' (awarded 2017)

    Other supervisor: Prof Ann John
    Other supervisor: Prof Keith Lloyd

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Dean and Head of School - Swansea University Medical School

    2012 - Present

Key Grants and Projects

External Responsibilities

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
2009 2012 Head of National Institute for Social Care and Health Research Cardiff
2012 Present Dean and Head of School Swansea