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  • SHQM00 Psychology of Healthcare Management

    This module explores the psychology of human behaviour within the workplace. It will use concepts from social, health and organizational psychology to examine principles such as group dynamics, motivation and individual differences in relation to management, structure and behaviour in health care organisations. Central issues will include intergroup behaviour and conflict, psychological well-being at work and enhancing performance. Current topics such as the use of technology, changing concepts of careers and the worth of psychometric testing will be debated. Specifically, students will reflect on the role of health care managers in promoting productive employee relations and well-being, managing difficult behaviour and personalities, increasing staff motivation and considering issues of equality and diversity.


  • Use of a Realist Evaluation to Understand 'What Works' when delivering Healthcare in an Alternative Setting (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Liv Kosnes
    Other supervisor: Prof Jaynie Rance
  • Patient and Citizens Values and how they relate to Education and Activation. (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Liv Kosnes
    Other supervisor: Dr Pippa Anderson
    Other supervisor: Prof Deborah Fitzsimmons