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  • PMIM602 Advanced Analysis of Linked Health Data

    This module is taught at an intermediate to advanced level and assumes that students have completed PMIM302 Introductory Analysis of Linked Health Data or have equivalent knowledge. Advanced principles of health care epidemiology are combined with hands-on practical exercises in the implementation of computing solutions. The module provides students with a theoretical grounding on each topic, followed by a training session on the corresponding computing solutions. Students use de-identified data files in the hands-on exercises. The computing component of the module assumes a basic competence in the preparation of computing syntax for programs such as SPSS, SAS, STATA or R and familiarity with the statistical analysis of linked data files at an introductory to intermediate level. This is a core / compulsory module and worth 20 Masters level credits. The main lecturer will be Professors David Preen of the University of Western Australia. The module co-ordinator is Dr Peter Arnold.