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  1. Hearn, T. ALMS1 and Alström syndrome: a recessive form of metabolic, neurosensory and cardiac deficits Journal of Molecular Medicine


  • PMLM02 LC/MS Applications I: Proteomics

    Proteomics sample preparation and separation: protein extraction from cell and tissue, 1D and 2D gel electrophresis, protein digestion (in gel and in solution), peptide separation by SCX and RP-HPLC Mass Spectrometry analysis: peptide fragmentation via CID, LC-MS/MS, interpretation of CID spectrum of peptide Protein identification by database search: principle of database search, software for database search, interpretation of the results Quantitative proteomics: 2D gel ¿based protein quantification, MS-based protein quantification Characterization PTM by mass spectrometry Sample preparation and analysis of phosphoproteome: enrichment of phosphoproteins or phosphopeptides, interpretation CID spectrum of phosphopeptide and identification of phosphorylation sites