Mr Gareth Dunseath
Senior Research Officer
Telephone: (01792) 513439
Room: Diabetes Research Lab - 117
Ground Floor
Grove Building
Singleton Campus


  1. Dunseath, G., Bright, D., Luzio, S. Comparative Accuracy Evaluation of a Blood Glucose Meter With Novel Hematocrit Correction Technology, With Three Currently Used Commercially Available Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 193229681882138
  2. Peter, R., Bright, D., Cheung, W., Luzio, S., Dunseath, G. Proinsulin in the identification and risk stratification of gestational diabetes mellitus: study protocol for a prospective, longitudinal cohort study BMJ Open 8 8
  3. Jones, C., Dunseath, G., Lemon, J., Luzio, S. Microsampling Collection Methods for Measurement of C-peptide in Whole Blood Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 12 5 1024 1028
  4. Bright, D., Dunseath, G., Peter, R., Luzio, S. Stability of proinsulin in whole blood Clinical Biochemistry
  5. Alhadj Ali, M., Liu, Y., Arif, S., Tatovic, D., Shariff, H., Gibson, V., Yusuf, N., Baptista, R., Eichmann, M., Petrov, N., Heck, S., Yang, J., Tree, T., Pujol-Autonell, I., Yeo, L., Baumard, L., Stenson, R., Howell, A., Clark, A., Boult, Z., Powrie, J., Adams, L., Wong, F., Luzio, S., Dunseath, G., Green, K., O’Keefe, A., Bayly, G., Thorogood, N., Andrews, R., Leech, N., Joseph, F., Nair, S., Seal, S., Cheung, H., Beam, C., Hills, R., Peakman, M., Dayan, C. Metabolic and immune effects of immunotherapy with proinsulin peptide in human new-onset type 1 diabetes* Science Translational Medicine 9 402 eaaf7779

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  • PMDM01 Diabetes Basics

    This core module aims to introduce the basics of diabetes, a condition where there are an estimated 4.5 million people living with the disease in the UK alone, and a further 1.1 million that are undiagnosed. It will detail prevalence and pathophysiology, nutrition and self-care, and a basic understanding of associated complications. It aims to develop the students¿ knowledge of the many key factors that contribute to this enormous healthcare issue. The module will be delivered online via distance learning, with online assessments.