Professor Michael Dennis
Professor Emeritus (Medicine)
Telephone: (01792) 602166

Mick Dennis is currently part-time Professor of Psychiatry for Older People at the Swansea University Medical School. He retired from NHS clinical practice in 2015 having worked as a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist for Older People in Swansea and previously as a clinical academic and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist for the Elderly in Leicester. Over the years he has been involved in research in many different areas.  Topics have been wide ranging but the main themes are: suicide and self-harm (epidemiology, social and psychological factors); dementia (dementia care and vascular cognitive impairment); and mental health in the context of poor physical health (‘Psychological Medicine’). 


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  2. Karasouli, E., Karasouli, E., Owens, D., Owens, D., Abbott, R., Abbott, R., Hurst, K., Dennis, M. All-cause mortality after non-fatal self-poisoning: a cohort study Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 46 6 455 62
  3. Shah, A., Lindesay, J., Dennis, M., Dennis, M. Suicides by country of birth groupings in England and Wales: age-associated trends and standardised mortality ratios Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 46 3 197
  4. Bebbington, P., Cooper, C., Minot, S., Brugha, T., Jenkins, R., Meltzer, H., Dennis, M., Dennis, M. Suicide Attempts, Gender, and Sexual Abuse: Data From the 2000 British Psychiatric Morbidity Survey American Journal of Psychiatry 166 10 1135
  5. Meltzer, H., Bebbington, P., Brugha, T., Jenkins, R., McManus, S., Dennis, M., Dennis, M. Personal debt and suicidal ideation Psychological Medicine 41 04 771

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