Senior Research Analyst
Telephone: (01792) 602146
Room: Cellular Office for 4 - 209
Second Floor
Data Science Building
Singleton Campus


  1. & Long term extension of a randomised controlled trial of probiotics using electronic health records. Scientific Reports 8(1)
  2. & The Effect of Vasectomy Reversal on Prostate Cancer Risk: International Meta-Analysis of 684,660 Men with Vasectomies. The Journal of Urology
  3. & The use of secure anonymised data linkage to determine changes in healthcare utilisation following severe open tibial fractures. Injury 46(7), 1287-1292.
  4. & A UKSeRP for SAIL: striking a balance. International Journal for Population Data Science 1(1)
  5. & Healthcare databases in Europe for studying medicine use and safety during pregnancy. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, n/a-n/a.

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