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Athanasios Anastasiou received his BEng in Biomedical Engineering from the Technological Education Institute of Athens – Greece in 2002 and his MRes in Communications Engineering and Signal Processing from the University of Plymouth – UK in 2004. His professional experience includes software development with a special interest in the medical domain and digital signal processing


  1. Evans, H., Anastasiou, A., Edwards, A., Hibbert, P., Makeham, M., Luz, S., Sheikh, A., Donaldson, L., Carson-Stevens, A. Automated classification of primary care patient safety incident report content and severity using supervised machine learning (ML) approaches Health Informatics Journal 146045821983310
  2. Chavana-Bryant, C., Malhi, Y., Anastasiou, A., Enquist, B., Cosio, E., Keenan, T., Gerard, F. Leaf age effects on the spectral predictability of leaf traits in Amazonian canopy trees Science of The Total Environment 666 1301 1315


  • PM-339 Introduction to Health Data Science

    The module introduces students to the relatively new field of Health Data Science which deals with the systematic processing of healthcare data that can be found in a variety of different electronic formats. The course provides elements of computing and electronic databases that outline data access as well as elements of statistics that outline typical data processing operations.

  • PMIT300 Turning clinical information into coded data

    This module introduces students to the variety of clinical encoding systems used within the NHS and internationally as well as the tools used to review them and handle encoded data.

  • PMRM00 Introduction to the practice of Medical Physicists & Clinical Engineers in Health Care

    Provides a broad-based overview of the Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering discipline.