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Ayesha works as a part of the Reconstructive Surgery and Regenerative Medicine Research Group (ReconRegen).  ReconRegen is a multidisciplinary team of clinicians and scientists at Swansea University investigating how the use of stem cells and tissue engineered constructs can restore the form and function of the human body.

Ayesha’s project involves looking at mesenchymal stem cells e.g. ADSCs, BMSCs, which have been shown to hold great potential for tissue engineering purposes due to their ability to differentiate into multiple lineages. However, tissue engineering requires large cell numbers which is mediated via cell expansion in vitro. Some of the complications which are reported to arise from prolonged expansion include cellular dedifferentiation as well as genetic and metabolic instability. The project will focus on the investigation of risks associated with prolonged cell expansion and optimization of growth conditions for cells for potential use in patients.