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  1. Sheppard, S., Didelot, X., Meric, G., Torralbo, A., Jolley, K., Kelly, D., Bentley, S., Maiden, M., Parkhill, J., Falush, D., Sheppard, S., Meric, G. Genome-wide association study identifies vitamin B5 biosynthesis as a host specificity factor in Campylobacter Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 29 11927
  2. Sheppard, S., McCarthy, N., Falush, D., Maiden, M., Sheppard, S. Convergence of Campylobacter Species: Implications for Bacterial Evolution Science 320 5873 237 239
  3. Jolley, K., Bliss, C., Bennett, J., Bratcher, H., Brehony, C., Colles, F., Wimalarathna, H., Harrison, O., Sheppard, S., Cody, A., Maiden, M., Sheppard, S. Ribosomal Multi-Locus Sequence Typing: universal characterisation of bacteria from domain to strain Microbiology
  4. Colles, F., Ali, J., Sheppard, S., McCarthy, N., Maiden, M. Campylobacter populations in wild and domesticated Mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) Environmental Microbiology Reports 3 5 574 580
  5. Sproston, E., Ogden, I., MacRae, M., Dallas, J., Sheppard, S., Cody, A., Colles, F., Wilson, M., Forbes, K., Strachan, N., Sheppard, S. Temporal Variation and Host Association in the Campylobacter Population in a Longitudinal Ruminant Farm Study Applied and Environmental Microbiology 77 18 6579 6586

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  • 'Genomic variation and virulence in Helicobacter pylori: identifying the genes/alleles underlying phenotype variation.' (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Prof Samuel Sheppard
    Other supervisor: Prof Thomas Humphrey
    Other supervisor: Prof Gareth Jenkins
    Other supervisor: Dr Jane Mikhail
    Other supervisor: Dr Thomas Wilkinson