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Griff is a Welsh Medical Graduate (1999) and is a GP in a large Swansea practice. Prior to his substantive university appointment he was an Honorary Clinical Lecturer and regular tutor of the Swansea medical students. He is the Course Director for the MSc Clinical Medicine.

His interests are diabetic and metabolic medicine and he is a keen teacher of medical students in the clinical setting in his practice. He is a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.


  • PM-254C Meddygon, Cleifion a Nodau Meddygaeth


  • PMCM01 Cardiovascular Medicine

    This module aims to explore the causes, risk factors and treatment of cardiovascular disease which is the biggest cause of death in the UK. It will develop students┬┐ knowledge of the many key factors that contribute to this enormous healthcare issue. It will also demonstrate to students how each risk area is assessed and also the links between the individual risks.

  • PMZM18 Diabetic Practice

    Diabetes has reached world wide epidemic proportions and is fast becoming the defining disease of the 21st century. It also represents a major challenge to health organizations in chronic disease management. This module provides the basis for health care professionals to deliver high quality multidisciplinary diabetes care is an accredited qualification in Diabetes Care from the Swansea University. The module enables students to extend their network of contacts with others working in diabetes care, share experiences and develop supportive relationships.