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  1. Dingley, J A study of temperature control in different designs of emergency drug transport bagsAnaesthesia74868874
  2. Douglas, P, Dingley, J The development and evaluation of a non-pressurised, chemical oxygen reaction generation vessel and breathing system providing emergency oxygen for an extended durationAnaesthesia
  3. Dingley, J Investigation of Two Prototypes of Novel Noncontact Technologies for Automated Real-Time Capture of Incremental Drug Administration Data From SyringesAnesthesia & Analgesia1252458466
  4. Dingley, J Xenon depresses aEEG background voltage activity whilst maintaining cardiovascular stability in sedated healthy newborn pigsJournal of the Neurological Sciences363140144
  5. Dingley, J Use of an Esophageal Heat Exchanger to Maintain Core Temperature during Burn Excisions and to Attenuate Pyrexia on the Burns Intensive Care UnitCase Reports in Anesthesiology201616

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