Professor Timothy Jones
Professor of Public Law
Legal Studies
Telephone: (01792) 295118
Room: Office - 116a
First Floor
Richard Price Building
Singleton Campus


  1. Jones, T. Causation, homicide and the supply of drugs Legal Studies 26 2 139
  2. Jones, T. Towards a Good and Complete Criminal Code for Scotland Modern Law Review 68 3 448
  3. Jones, T., Jones, T. Wales, Devolution and Sovereignty Statute Law Review 1 12
  4. Jones, T. Wales Devolution and Sovereignty Statute Law Review


  • LAA102C Cyfraith Cyhoeddus 1

    This module provides an introduction to the Public Law of the United Kingdom, with an emphasis upon the protection of human rights.

  • LAA349 Comparative Constitutional Law

    This module examines specialized aspects of the constitutional law of various jurisdictions (such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Israel etc.), It considers the methodological and substantive issues that emerge in comparative constitutional law. There will be analysis of why and how comparative law is used, with a focus on a range of topics, such as how selected constitutional systems deal with federalism, the separation of powers and judicial review, the relationship between international law and the domestic legal system, aspects of human rights law and the amendment or re-placement of constitutions.


  • «br /»«br /»«br /»«br /»«br /» What ought the fault element to be for criminal attempts? (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Yvonne Mcdermott Rees
    Other supervisor: Prof Timothy Jones

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Unfair Practice Officer - College of Law, Swansea University

    2012 - Present

  • Deputy Chair of Learning and Teaching - College of Law, Swansea University

    2014 - Present