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Holly joined the College of Law and Criminology at Swansea University in July 2017.

Holly completed her law degree (LLB) at Cardiff University in 2011. She was then granted funding from the Economic and Social Research Council to complete a masters in Social Science Research Methods (MSc) and her doctorate (PhD), both of which were awarded at Cardiff University.

Holly’s research interests are in Criminal Justice and Criminal Procedure with a particular focus on miscarriages of justice. Her PhD was the first empirical research to examine the development and operation of innocence projects in the UK, which are university based projects where students investigate claims of alleged wrongful conviction. The research examined how innocence projects constructed and understood a “miscarriage of justice” and explored the problems and challenges which they faced. It also drew on Luhmann’s Social Systems Theory as a theoretical framework for examining this.

For four years whilst undertaking her PhD Holly worked as a Tutor in Law at Cardiff University in Criminal Law and Evidence Law.

Holly was also involved with the Cardiff Law School innocence project for over seven years. In this role, she led student teams investigating claims of wrongful conviction with the aim of identifying potential grounds for appeal. Alongside this, she also helped to administer the student training course.

Holly now helps to oversee the Miscarriage of Justice Project at Swansea University.

Areas of Expertise

  • Miscarriages of Justice
  • Criminal Law
  • Evidence Law
  • Criminal appeals


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