Professor Elizabeth Macdonald

Professor Elizabeth Macdonald
Professor Emeritus (Law)
Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law
Telephone: (01792) 602152

Areas of Expertise

  • contract law
  • E-commerce law (particularly e-contracting).


  1. Macdonald, E. Inequality of Bargaining Power and 'Cure' by Information Requirement (Ed.), Comparative Contract Law: British and American Perspectives 157 169 Oxford Oxford University Press
  2. Macdonald, E. Dispatching the dispatch rule? The postal rule, e-mail, revocation and implied terms. Web Journal of Current Legal Issues 2013 19 NA
  3. Macdonald, E. 'The ‘core exemption’ from the fairness test in unfair terms legislation' Journal of Contract Law 2012 29 121 154
  4. Macdonald, E. Exception clauses: exclusionary or definitional? It depends! Journal of Contract Law 2012 29 47 73
  5. Macdonald, E., Macdonald, E. When is a contract formed by the browse-wrap process? International Journal of Law and Information Technology 2011 19(4) 285 305

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  • 'Online Contracting and the Supply of Digital Content to Consumers' (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Dr Patrick Bishop
    Other supervisor: Prof Andrew Tettenborn
    Other supervisor: Prof Elizabeth Macdonald