Dr Andrew Iwobi
Senior Lecturer
LLM Shipping & Trade
Telephone: (01792) 602372
Room: Office - 122
First Floor
Digital Technium
Singleton Campus

Areas of Expertise

  • Information Technology Law


  1. Iwobi, A. Stumbling Uncertainly into the Digital Age: Nigeria's Futile Attempts to Devise a Credible Data Protection Regime Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems 26 1 14 61
  2. Iwobi, A. No Cause for Merriment: The Position of Widows under Nigerian Law Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 20 1 37 86
  3. Iwobi, A. Out with the old, in with the new: religion, charitable status and the Charities Act 2006 Legal Studies 29 4 619 650


  • LACM03 E-Commerce

    The module examines the expanding role of e-commerce and associated problems and how an effective legal framework can be established to deal with such problems. The module identifies and discusses the conflict between e-commerce and governmental control, developing a comparative approach to the issue and looking at the approaches adopted in the U.K, the E.U and various other jurisdictions. Also examined is the application of existing legal principles to e-commerce, again adopting a comparative approach, analysing existing legal adaptations, their appropriateness and how such adaptations might be improved in the future.

  • LACM21 Ship and Other Mobile Assets Finance Law

    The availability of credit is a vital stimulant for entrepreneurial activities both within and across jurisdictions and most modern day businesses in the transport sector rely on external capital to finance their operations. This module focuses on the legal framework and policy concerns that underpin the provision of credit with particular emphasis on ship and other mobile assets, such as aircraft, both in the context of English law and from an international perspective. The module will inquire into the nature and functions of credit and other mechanisms for financing the acquisition of high-value assets, most notably leasing. The module will also examine legal principles governing the creation and operation of the most popular forms of financing mobile assets. The module will explore the manner in which the law seeks to regulate and balance the competing interests of different categories of creditors, lessors, lessees and other parties implicated in or affected by credit and leasing arrangements, with particular emphasis on the transport sector.

  • LAMM20 Oil and Gas Law: Contracts and Liabilities

    The aim of this module is to provide an account of the contractual framework governing the production, sale and distribution of oil and gas. It deals with many of the unique commercial and financial arrangements engaged. The module also addresses liability matters which are commonly associated with daily operational hazards of the joint venture, including environmental damage and personal injury.


  • HLA Hart and Nigerian Jurisprudence (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Andrew Iwobi
    Other supervisor: Dr Austin Chinhengo