Mrs Erika Gavillet
Academic Liasion Librarian
Health and Medicine
Telephone: (01792) 295040


  1. Gavillet, E. Gingival recession and root caries in the ageing population: a critical evaluation of treatments Journal of Clinical Periodontology 44 S178 S193
  2. Gavillet, E. Seizure self-prediction: Myth or missed opportunity? Seizure 51 180 185
  3. Gavillet, E. Neurophysiological testing in congenital myasthenic syndromes: A systematic review of published normal data Muscle & Nerve 48 5 711 715
  4. Gavillet, E. The 'just do it' approach to customer service development - a case study College and Research Libraries News 72 4 229 236
  5. Gavillet, E. Short cuts to satisfied customers Library and Information Gazette 2011 Sept 11

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