I am a lecturer in Psychology at Swansea University. Prior to this I worked at the University of Nottingham as a Teaching Associate. Before this I worked in the Economic and Social Research Council, after completing an MSc in Research Methods in Psychology and a BSc in Psychology & Religious studies.

My research has primarily focused on the the factors which influence learning and how these can be explained by associative theories of learning. I am also interested in the role of learning and attention in people who have experienced psychosis, which has led to working with individuals who have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Areas of Expertise

  • Learning and attenion
  • Causality and conditioning
  • Applications of learning (e.g., medical)


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  • PS-100 Academic and Professional Development

    This module provides psychology students with the key skills that are required to succeed in degree level study in the discipline of psychology and beyond university as a graduate. There is an emphasis on building the skills necessary for independent study, such as time management, critical thinking and incorporating using feedback to improve academic performance. In the first half of the module, students will experience how and when to use a tool kit of study skills through a series of workshops and blended learning packs. Students will create a portfolio of reflections on their experience of making the transition to university study during the first year. In addition personal development planning is an important aspect of the module in order to record and further develop the skills needed for graduate employment. As part of the module students enrol in the Swansea Employability Award (SEA) and complete the bronze level (the Know Yourself module) by the end of Semester 2.