My research intersects between health and developmental psychology. I am interested in the individual, relational, and contextual factors that affect parental well-being, parenting, and child development.

To better understand and support positive child outcomes I believe we need to consider D.W Winicott’s argument that there is “No such thing as an infant, there is an infant and…”. My research studies the “and” that cares for children across different cultures, family structures, and paths to parenting.

My research is inherently collaborative, international, applied, and interdisciplinary, with my research partners ranging from care providers, to international academics across different fields of scholarship invested in family development, and the third sector.

I work and collaborate with charities and organisations that share this aim to understand and support families, including Men Having Babies, Surrogacy UK, and Operation Orphan.

I am available for PhD studentship applications.


  • PS-100 Academic and Professional Development

    This module provides psychology students with the key skills that are required to succeed in degree level study in the discipline of psychology and beyond university as a graduate. There is an emphasis on building the skills necessary for independent study, such as time management, critical thinking and incorporating using feedback to improve academic performance. In the first half of the module, students will experience how and when to use a tool kit of study skills through a series of workshops and blended learning packs. Students will create a portfolio of reflections on their experience of making the transition to university study during the first year. In addition personal development planning is an important aspect of the module in order to record and further develop the skills needed for graduate employment. As part of the module students enrol in the Swansea Employability Award (SEA) and complete the bronze level (the Know Yourself module) by the end of Semester 2.

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
2019 Present Senior Lecturer Swansea University
2016 2019 Senior Lecturer, Co-Associate Course Lead Nottingham Trent University
2013 Present Affil. Research Associate and Lecturer University of Cambridge
2013 2016 Postdoctoral Research Fellow Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge
2006 2007 Assistant Educational Psychologist Cardiff Educational Psychology Service
2005 2008 Research Assistant Cardiff University

External Responsibilities

Key Grants and Projects

  • “A Global Study of Play and Work Child Development in Small Scale Forager Societies” 2018

    , with Dr. Sheina Lew-Levy et al.

  • “Fathering in Fragile Families” 2019

    , with Imanuel Ben-Israel, approval by Fragile Families

  • Jacobs Foundation Junior Scholar Award – Adaptation to Fatherhood 2015 - 2018

    , with Prof. Lee Gettler, Notre Dame University; Prof. Michael Lamb, University of Cambridge, Jacobs Foundation

  • “Stability of Caregiving Role Over Infancy” 2017 - 2017

    , Jacobs Foundation

  • “The New Parents Study” - A European Study of Same-Sex and Different Sex Parenting by Assisted Reproduction Technologies 2013 - 2016

    , with P.I’s: Prof. Michael Lamb; Prof. Susan Golombok; Prof. Henny Bos; Prof. Martine Gross, ESRC, ORA, NWO, NSFFS

  • ESRC Open Competition 4 year PhD Studentship “Infant Communicative Development” 2008 - 2013

    , ESRC

  • “Early Social Attention” 2005 - 2005

    , The Wellcome Trust

Research Groups

  • Lifespan Development Group

    Interdisciplinary research group focused on adaptive and maladaptive development across the lifespan