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Born in 1958 I have two children and a granddaughter. I was involved with sail training with the Island Cruising Club from an early age and spent my 20's travelling Africa, where I was part of a project introducing sail to Lake Malawi. While in Africa I survived a sailing accident involving a 9 hour swim, 8 hours spent life-saving an African crew member who sadly died. It was this that shaped my life and is the reason why I trained in Osteopathy.

I went back to sea after this, sailing for a year and a half covering the North Atlantic reaching 700 miles from the North Pole. These years shaped my interest and fascination in the body and movement, working in the water therapeutically, with a fascination for indigenous tribal people and how they manage their bodies in adverse conditions. I ran with the Bush Men in Tanzania below the Ngorogoran Crater observing their gait pattern and feel there is something there to work on!

Osteopathy was very much for me - I wanted to be a diagnostic practitioner who used their hands in order to return to Africa and give something back to the men who died in that accident.

I trained in Osteopathy at the College of Osteopaths affiliated with Middlesex University. I am a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming. This has provided me with a wide and deep toolbox to reach an extensive range of patients in various locations including Ischia in Italy, Harley Street and Kenya.

I joined the Osteopathic team at Swansea University in 2014 to share my experiences and assist in educating and inspiring our future Osteopaths who are going out in to a very different health care market. Living now in Mumbles, I am enjoying being by the sea again and love seeing students and patients at any opportunity.