• SHG3076 Evidence Based Practice (Dissertation)

    The aim of this module is to enable students to develop and demonstrate knowledge of the philosophy, theory and controversies that underpins evidence based practice and to critically analyse how current evidence is used to create health care guidelines. The student is also required to complete a critical review of research literature so to evaluate the implications of the current evidence base upon a personal clinical practice issue.

  • SHG3086 RRAMCI (SDP)

    The aim of this module is to develop health care professionals¿ skills in the assessment, recognition and management of patients with dependency level 1, 2 and 3 (acute and critically ill patients).

  • SHG367 Return to Practice

    The module is intended to allow nurses to study the theoretical and practical aspects of the contemporary role of the nurse. Students will learn how the structure of NHS settings has changed in the last few years to make it easier for health care professionals, and in particular nurses, to deliver continuously high standards of care. This module is suitable for: ¿ Qualified nurses and health visitors (HVs)whose registration has lapsed to return to practice in line with the PREP Standards (NMC, 2011) ¿ Qualified nurses whose registration is subject to sanctions imposed by the NMC and are required by the NMC to undertake the return to practice programme. (The Nursing and Midwifery Order, 2001) ¿ EU & EEA qualified nurses to register in the UK in line with Registering as a nurse or midwife in the UK (NMC, 2011). ¿ Registered nurses / HVs seeking to update and refresh their skills and knowledge. ¿ Registered nurses / HVs identified by their employer as requiring an update to refresh their skills and knowledge.

  • SHGM90 Starting Your Professional Development

    The aim of this module is to equip students with the necessary skills for work based learning, including self assessment, construction of a learning contract and compilation of a portfolio of evidence. This is the first module for students wishing to pursue the Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MSc Enhanced Professional Practice . It will introduce students to the principles of work-based learning and the skills required to facilitate personal and professional development for themselves and for their colleagues.

  • SHGM91 Personal Practice Development Portfolio

    The aim of this module is for the student to demonstrate the personal and professional development that has occurred for them since commencing the programme. This is the equivalent of the dissertation module, requiring submission of a portfolio dissertation demonstrating personal and professional learning and development that has occurred since commencing the programme. The portfolio dissertation will amalgamate and consolidate all previous modules to demonstrate how learning from those modules has influenced practice and facilitated personal and professional development.

  • SHGM92 Policy Influences on Your Practice

    The aim of this module is to enable students to critically evaluate their practice in relation to current policy drivers at global, national and local levels.

  • SHGM93 Assessing Your Current Practice

    The aim of this module is to enable the student to assess and evaluate a chosen area of their practice. Students will gain skills in evidence based practice and service evaluation.

  • SHGM94 How the Evidence Base Can Help You Change Your Practice

    The aim of this module is to enable students to review the evidence base for their practice and to examine the applicability of the evidence. There is an emphasis on the importance of understanding research for developing practice.

  • SHGM95 How Can I Make a Change in Practice?

    The aim of this module is to enable students to review the approaches to management and leadership in order to consider how they could utilise different approaches to make changes in practice.

  • SHGM97 Teaching and Learning in Practice

    The aim of this module is to enable practitioners to develop their teaching and facilitation skills in practice using a work based approach to learning.

  • SHHM12 Advanced Practice and Education

    One of the roles of advanced practice is education, both in terms of self and others. Consequently there is a need for the practitioner to critically evaluate and apply learning theory to themselves and in the practice setting. This module examines the key ideas underpinning some of the main educational theories which students will relate to their own development and clinical practice.

  • SHN125 Introduction to the Fundamentals of Nursing Practice (Adult)

    This core module addresses specific keys areas relating to the fundamentals of nursing practice and clinical exposure encompassing mandatory training. The module will introduce students to the profession of nursing, the underpinning values of the nursing profession and the professional codes of practice. The importance of patient dignity, respect, care and compassion will be integrated throughout the module and related to safe, person-centred care. The module will introduce the students to meeting the client/service user¿s physical and emotional needs.

  • SHN129 Introduction to Professional Practice (Adult)

    The philosophy of the module is the belief that continued development underpins professional practice. Throughout their professional lives, qualified nurses need to take responsibility for their own learning and development. In order to achieve this, they need to be able to recognise their learning and developmental needs, developing appropriate strategies to fulfil them. Development encompasses both personal and professional aspects as one cannot be separated from the other. This module draws on the content of other modules within the year and experiences in practice to introduce the concept of professional practice. The students will demonstrate this learning through the medium of a portfolio and by producing a patchwork text.

  • SHN141 What is Nursing? (Adult)

    This module will allow students to gain insight into the assessment and clinical decision making process and its importance in planning safe and effective care to a range of patients and service users. The module will also explore the development of nursing and its values. The theories of nursing and the nursing process will be introduced.

  • SHN3055 Managing Complex Care in Rapidly Changing Situations (Adult)

    This module aims to give an overview of specialist aspects of nursing practice, especially when care can be considered complex and situations rapidly change. The module also aims to give a greater insight into the application of legal, ethical and professional issues to practice. This module draws on the content of modules within Years 1 and 2 and experiences in practice to consolidate the knowledge, skills and attitude for professional practice in the field of adult nursing.

  • SHN3055W Rheoli Gofal Cymhleth mewn Sefyllfaoedd sy'n Newid yn Gyflym (Oedolion)

    Nod y modiwl hwn yw rhoi trosolwg ar agweddau arbenigol ar ymarfer nyrsio, yn enwedig pan fydd y gofal yn ofal cymhleth a sefyllfaoedd yn newid yn gyflym. Nod y modiwl hefyd yw rhoi mwy o fewnwelediad i gymhwysiad materion cyfreithiol, moesegol a phroffesiynol at sefyllfaoedd ymarferol. Mae¿r modiwl hwn yn tynnu ar gynnwys modiwlau ym Mlynyddoedd 1 a 2 a phrofiadau wrth ymarfer, i atgyfnerthu¿r wybodaeth, y sgiliau a¿r agwedd ar gyfer ymarfer proffesiynol ym maes nyrsio oedolion.