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  • SHN3064 Leadership and Management (Child)

    This module will focus on management and leadership in the field of children‿s and young people‿s nursing. Emphasis will be given to managing nursing care, managing change in the clinical environment and the qualities of clinical leadership.


  • An investigation of the role of paramedics in Child Protection (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Dr Darren Edwards
    Other supervisor: Dr Paul Rees

Career History

Following a successful clinical career as a Registered Nurse, Registered Children’s Nurse and Health Visitor, I moved into Higher Education in 1994. I was awarded a Masters in Social Ethics (Cardiff University) in 1991 and a PhD from the University of Wales, College of Medicine in 2002. My research interests span health and social care with a special focus on chronic conditions and palliative care. I am committed to breaking down barriers between academe and practice hence my role in developing the Doctorate in Professional Practice which is open to international students and enables them to research their own practice. 

External Responsibilities

  • Reviewer for Evaluation, Trials and Studies, NIHR

    2014 - Present

  • Member of Editorial Board, Issues in Comprehensive Paediatric Nursing

    2012 - Present

  • Reviewer, Tenovus

    2010 - Present

  • Reviewer, NISCHR WALES

    2010 - Present

  • Reviewer , WORD PhD Studentship

    2010 - Present

  • Reviewer, All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care

    2010 - Present

  • External Examiner BSc Adult and Children’s Nursing, Cork University

    2010 - Present

  • Consultancy work, ABMU Health Board

    2010 - Present

  • Consultancy work, Hywel Dda Health Board

    2010 - Present

  • Editor, RCN History Society Newsletter

    2010 - Present

  • Chair, Monica Baly History Award Panel, Royal College of Nursing

    2010 - Present

  • External Examiner, Doctorate in Clinical Practice, Surrey University

    2008 - 2012

  • Member, Children and Young People’s Research Network, Wales

    2004 - Present

Key Grants and Projects

  • A Three Counties Pilot Study of ‘Cyfeillion Gweldda’; Dining Companions for patients with dementia 2014 - 2014

    Hywel Dda Health Board, with R. Davies, T. Watts, T. Alexander, A. Higgins

  • All Wales Evaluation of Lymphoedema Service 2013 - 2013

    Public Health Wales

  • Research Development Group 'Understanding father’s contribution to children’s health and social wellbeing' 2012 - 2012

    Children and Young People’s Research Network , with R. Davies, S. Higham, £2,200

  • Community Children’s Nursing Provision Wales 2010: Position Paper and Scoping Exercise compiled by Dr Ruth Davies RN, RSCN, RHV, Department of Nursing, Swansea University. 2010 - 2010

    Nursing Praxis International, ISBN 1-903625-20-3