Rhys has around 18 years working in the public health and epidemiology area analysing healthcare datasets. 

After graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Maritime Environmental Science in 1999 he started working for the University of Wales College of Medicine and the National Public Health Service for Wales running and developing the All Wales Injuries Surveillance System (AWISS) and was heavily involved in the development of the subsequent Emergency Department Dataset (EDDS).  While here he graduated, in 2002, with a Masters in Public Health (MPH).

In 2007 he moved to Cardiff Research Consortium, a health outcomes consultancy, as an epidemiologist analysing large healthcare datasets primarily on industry funded studies, while there he has worked on studies for such companies as Amgen, Astra Zeneca, BMS, F.Hoffman-La Roche, Genzyme, GSK, Janssen-Cilag, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis,  and Sanofi-Pasteur.

He moved to the Swansea Centre for Health Economics (SCHE) in late 2011 where he continues working with pharmaceutical companies undertaking burden of disease and cost of disease studies, as well as risk modelling and survival analysis to support HTA submissions and market access strategies.

At Swansea University Rhys teaches epidemiology to both undergraduate and postgraduate students within the College of Human and Health Sciences.


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  • SHP358 Public Health and Epidemiology

    Current approaches to the measurement of health and the surveillance of health within populations will be studied together with needs assessment and planning. The influence of a range of social, political , economic and cultural influences including globalization on public health will be evaluated. The module is designed to develop knowledge and skills in public health practice and primary health care. Underpinning concepts and approaches to public health practice and the role of public health in primary health care will be critically examined. Collaborative ways of working between sectors will be explored within the above context in order that students can plan and evaluate strategies for the improvement of health of individuals, groups and local populations.

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
2011 Present Epidemiologist Swansea Centre for Health Economics, College of Human and Health Science, Swansea University
2007 2011 Epidemiologist Cardiff Research Consortium
1999 2007 Senior Public Health Information Analyst University of Wales College of Medicine & National Public Health Service for Wales, Velindre NHS Trust