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Dr Peter Willshaw graduated from University College London with a BSc in Physiology. He has also been awarded a PhD for his work in the same field. Before his time started at Swansea, Peter lectured at St Thomas Hospital, London and also at Birmingham University.

Peter has spent some time researching in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. He stayed there for 23 years, where he was part of the creation of a medical school, which has since grown into a University. The currently named Favaloro University is named after Dr René Favaloro, who is known for his pioneering work as a cardiac surgeon.

Peter moved to Swansea in 2003 to take up a lecturers post. He has received steady progression ever since and is now an Associate Professor with the College of Human and Health Sciences. Dr Willshaw teaches to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in lecture and practical based sessions.

Peter hasn't been directly involved with research since 2014 when he supervised PhD students at the College. However he has published on a variety of topics and his publications are listed below. Within the field of physiology, his particular interest lies with the application of mathematical methods to clinical data in the field of haemodialysis.

Photography and sailing are two of Peter's principle hobbies outside of his academic work.


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  4. Willshaw, P. Comparison of different methods for hemodialysis evaluation by means of ROC curves: from artificial intelligence to current methods. Clinical Nephrology 64 3 205 213
  5. Fernández, E., Perazzo, C., Valtuille, R., Willshaw, P., Balzarini, M. Molecular Kinetics Modeling in Hemodialysis: On-Line Molecular Monitoring and Spectral Analysis ASAIO Journal 53 5 582 586

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    This module will develop knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Teaching will build upon the lecture material delivered in year 1. The major organs and organ systems will be examined in detail, including relevant physical and biochemical processes.