Key Responsibilities

-         Lecturing on Healthcare Law And Ethics on undergraduate and post graduate programmes     aimed at health care professionals

-         Director of Centre For Life Ethics sand Organ Donation. Launching 28th June 2018

-     Publication areas, Consent, Euthanasia, Medical legal matters, Child Abuse


Areas Of Interest

 _     Area of particular interest consent to treatment, clinical negligence, medico legal law,  

 chaperones, organ donation, ethics and bio-ethics.

Areas of Expertise

  • Patient Autonony And Micro Consent


  1. anxiety & phobias. nurse 2 nurse 02(06), 42-43.
  2. Is the procedure of reporting cases of child abuse satisfactory. Nurse 2 nurse 02(05), 24-27.
  3. Nurses need to be aware of the new concept of “Micro Consent” following a supreme Court ruling. British Journal of nursing TBC

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  • SHF108 Introduction to Personal and Professional Development

    This module provides an introduction to the skills and knowledge required for personal and professional development for health care providers.

  • SHF302 Continuing Personal and Professional Development

    This module considers key issues in osteopathy and health care practice based on reflection from student placements and learning. This module will be delivered through group discussion and feedback sessions.

  • SHF309 Evidence Based Practice and Research Methods

    This module introduces students to the concept of evidence based practice and will provide an introduction to research methods.

  • SHFM01 Autonomous Osteopathic Practice

    The student will demonstrate within this module the knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to seek registration with the General Osteopathy Council (GOsC).

  • SHG269 Safeguarding Children and Young People

    This module provides students with theoretical knowledge and understanding of safeguarding children and young people, including the development of relevant legal frameworks and guidance and the responsibilities of different professional groups and agencies to work in collaboration.

  • SHG391 Contemporary issues in Healthcare Practice

    Contemporary issues in healthcare practice aims to introduce students to concepts of contemporary healthcare practice by promoting professional development and management in practice. It also links theory to practice situations through group work, discussion and debate and aims to consolidate learning in practice.

  • SHG392 Health Care and the Law

    The aim of the module is to raise awareness of the legal principles that underpin health care.

  • SHH211 Health Law and Practice

    This module focuses on the role of law in health care practice with a range of client groups.

  • SHHM16 Ethics and Philosophy of Social Research

    This module will address the ethics of conducting social research. The discussion of research ethics will include, but not be limited to, informed consent and how to protect the anonymity of research participants. Discussions will also address the limits of researchers' obligations to protect anonymity and confidentiality, along with taking a more detailed look at the process of applying for university research ethics approval. Philosophical problems associated with conducting social research will be explored - asking questions such as 'How is our understanding of others limited? ''Are my research findings objective?¿.

  • SHP307 Persons and Illness

    The module¿s objectives are to provide students with an appreciation of the connection between our concept of the person and our understanding of some of the conditions that are the objects of medical attention, including aspects of mental health, disability, genetics and dying.

  • SHPM45 Introduction to Law and Medicine

    This module introduces the legal system in England & Wales and its role in medicine. Students will be introduced to the nature of law and legal argument and learn how to evaluate case law in relation to consent to examination and treatment.

  • SHPM46 Patients, Professionals and the Law

    This module introduces the students to the law relating to negligence, reproduction, end of life issues and confidentiality through the use of case law and statute law.