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Peter Huxley qualified as a social worker in Manchester in 1971. He went on to complete his Masters and PhD under the supervision of Sir David Goldberg, with whom he co-authored ‘Mental Illness in the Community: The pathway to psychiatric care’, and ‘Common Mental Disorder: a Biosocial Model’.

He has published 11 books, and over 150 peer reviewed papers in mental health and social work. He has undertaken research collaboration over 15 years in Boulder Colorado, with his colleague Dr. Richard Warner. He has helped to develop a number of very widely used social outcome measures, such as the Lancashire Quality of Life Profile, The Manchester Short Assessment of Quality of Life (MANSA) , The Social and Community Opportunities Profile (SCOPE), and the UK Resource Generator, a measure of social capital.

He is working on the translation of the SCOPE into Cantonese for use by mental health NGOS in Hong Kong (funded by ESRC). His research collaborators come from Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA, Russia, Norway, Israel Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and the UK.


  1. Crowther, R., Huxley, P. Helping people with severe mental illness to obtain work: systematic review BMJ 322 7280 204 208
  2. PINFOLD, V., Huxley, P. Reducing psychiatric stigma and discrimination: evaluation of educational interventions in UK secondary schools The British Journal of Psychiatry 182 4 342 346
  3. SLADE, M., PINFOLD, V., RAPAPORT, J., BELLRINGER, S., BANERJEE, S., KUIPERS, E., HUXLEY, P., Huxley, P. Best practice when service users do not consent to sharing information with carers: National multimethod study The British Journal of Psychiatry 190 2 148 155
  4. Huxley, P., Evans, S., Burns, T., Fahy, T., Green, J. Quality of life outcome in a randomized controlled trial of case management Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 36 5 249 255
  5. Howard, L., Heslin, M., Leese, M., McCrone, P., Rice, C., Jarrett, M., Spokes, T., Huxley, P., Thornicroft, G., Huxley, P. Supported employment: randomised controlled trial The British Journal of Psychiatry 196 5 404 411

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Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
2006 Present Professor of Social Work & Social Care Swansea University
1999 2006 Professor of Social Work King's College, London
1979 1999 Lecturer / Senior Lecturer / Professor Manchester University

External Responsibilities

Key Grants and Projects

  • A review of the national action plan to reduce suicide & self-harm in Wales 2008-13 2009 - 2013

    , £61,000

  • Evaluation of Minds at Ease project 2011 - 2013

    , £8,500

  • Development of a Chinese language version of the Social & Community Opportunities Profile (SCOPE) for NGO services in Hong Kong 2012 - 2015

    , with S. Evans, £125,500

  • Integration of Social Care staff within Community Mental Health Teams 2006 - 2010

    , with S. Evans, C. Baker, J. White, £197,000

  • Social Care Research priorities and Capacity in Wales 2007 - 2008

    , with S. Evans, £73,000

  • Development of a Social Inclusion Index to capture subjective and objective life domains (Phase 2) 2007 - 2010

    , with S. Evans, £267,000

  • Review of Scottish HEI research Capacity in Social Services 2008 - 2009

    , £15,000

  • Quality of life audit of people with severe mental health problems in the local service board – mental health (Wrexham) 2008 - 2011

    , £15,000

Research Groups

  • Mental Health Research Group

    College of Medicine ILS2