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Leighton Harvey was born in Neath, South Wales. He was a practicing paramedic when he first started to study for his degree in BSc Pre-Hospital Care at Swansea University. Leighton graduated in 2003. He then joined the faculty at the College in 2005 and has been involved with the Paramedic Higher Education programme ever since.

As a Senior Lecturer and Admission Tutor, Leighton is involved with all aspects of Paramedic Education in the College of Human and Health Sciences. This involves lecturing, supervision and administrative duties.

- BSc Pre-Hospital Care (2003)
- PGCE (2014)
- PG Diploma in Education for Health Professionals (2015)

Leighton is inspired by enthusiastic students that come to University and want to learn. He believes that the best part about working at Swansea University is being part of an excellent team of educationalists that is fully committed to paramedic education and development of the paramedic profession.


  • SHE215 Independent Professional Practice Delivery

    This module further consolidates paramedic skills with paramedic emphasis on children and the young person and emergencies in childbirth and gynaecology. This module also synthesises professional, legal, ethical, management and teaching elements in preparation for practice as a registered paramedic.