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  • SHG332 Foundations of Community Practice (Non Specialist Practice Qualification)

    A review of community nursing education programmes throughout Wales (commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government in 2006) led to the decision that future provision of education for practitioners working in the community will focus on a modularised approach. This new modularised approach enables the provision of an educational framework that matches the profile of different roles within community nursing teams. The module in particular will focus its attention on the many challenges facing practitioners today who work in this continuously changing yet challenging environment. The module addresses the recommendations put forward in recent policy documents Community Nursing Strategy (WAG, 2009) and Together for Health (WG, 2011). This module will follow the design and structure (as dictated by the All Wales working group for community nurse education) of the core community module in that there are 4 themes which form the underlying content of the module. The themes are as follows: 1. Community as the context of care; 2. Professional Role and Accountability; 3. Clinical Practice in the Community; 4. The Family.