Mrs Jo Rees
Senior Lecturer
Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences
Telephone: (01792) 602946
Room: Office - 118
First Floor
Haldane Building
Singleton Campus

Jo completed a degree in Psychology at Bangor University and worked in a community mental health team and two psychiatric hospitals before qualifying as a social worker by completing the Diploma in Social Work and in addition the Masters in Applied Social Sciences at Swansea University. Following qualification as a social worker Jo practised as a social worker in a variety of settings, primarily adult substance misuse. Jo has worked in social work education at Swansea University since 1988, and is currently the Programme Director for the BSc Social Work.

Jo’s research interests include post-qualifying social work, disability, service user and carer involvement and substance misuse. She is the Swansea University co-ordinator for post-qualifying social work. She is currently completing her PhD on the inclusion of disability issues within social work education.


  • ASQ101 Introduction to Social Work

    This module considers the place of contemporary social work within historical and comparative perspectives both in Wales, the U.K. and internationally. It also examines the issues and trends in modern public, social and political philosophies and the influence they have on practice and service delivery. It considers the relationship between the Welsh Assembly Government, agency policies in Wales, legal and regulatory requirements and professional boundaries in shaping the nature of the services provided and particularly those in inter-disciplinary contexts. Attention will also be paid to the inter-relationships with other social services in Wales and particularly education, housing, health, income maintenance and criminal justice when provided on a partnership basis. It introduces the student to the current range and appropriateness of statutory, voluntary and private agencies providing community-based day-care, residential and other services. This will be achieved within a thorough examination of the particular issues facing service-using citizens in contemporary Wales.

  • ASQ309 Applying Knowledge to Enhance Practice

    This module is about developing critical knowledge within a specified area of interest in social work and social care. The primary focus is on conducting an independent literature review on a selected issue or problem experienced by a service user or carer group. Students will be required to locate research evidence and knowledge from a variety of contemporary sources, critically evaluate the contribution of literature within their chosen topic and to identify key themes, issues and debates for the interest of social work audiences. Emphasis will be given to formulating recommendations for enhancing professional practice. Students will consolidate skills in locating and synthesizing research evidence, developing written arguments and using current knowledge to improve and develop their practice.

  • SW-M04W Moeseg a Gwerthoedd mewn Gwaith Cymdeithasol

    Mae¿r modiwl hwn yn darparu dealltwriaeth feirniadol o¿r foeseg a¿r gwerthoedd sy¿n berthnasol i ymarfer gwaith cymdeithasol. Cyfeirir yn benodol at y prosesau cymdeithasol sy¿n arwain at eithrio cymdeithasol yng Nghymru a¿u heffaith ar fywyd o ddydd i ddydd a darpariaeth gwasanaethau. Mae¿n mynd i¿r afael hefyd â gwerthoedd a darpariaeth gwasanaethau gwaith cymdeithasol gan gyfeirio¿n benodol at gysyniadau stigma, grymuso, cydraddoldeb ac arferion a deddfwriaeth gwrthormesol. Ystyrir esblygiad hanesyddol, athroniaeth a pherthnasedd moeseg a gwerthoedd gwaith cymdeithasol ynghyd â Chôd Ymarfer Cyngor Gofal Cymru ar gyfer gweithwyr gofal cymdeithasol mewn perthynas â rhoi ymarfer ar waith gyda grwpiau gwahanol. Rhoddir pwyslais ar ddatblygu ymarferwyr myfyriol a moesegol.

  • SW-M07 Dissertation in Social Work Research and Evidence for Practice

    This module encourages the development of research mindedness and prepares students for evidence informed practice by way of a self directed dissertation study into an area of social work interest. Students will be expected to work independently with guided supervision to produce a small-case research project (document and literature-based) into a chosen area of interest relevant to social work audiences and professional practice. Students will be nominated a supervisor to support their learning and guide their research over the course of the academic session.

  • SW-M07W Traethawd Estynedig mewn Ymchwil Gwaith Cymdeithasol a Thystiolaeth ar gyfer Ymarfer

    Mae'r modiwl hwn yn annog myfyrwyr i ddatblygu meddylfryd ymchwil ac yn eu paratoi ar gyfer ymarfer a gyfeirir gan dystiolaeth ar ffurf traethawd hir hunangyfeiriedig ar faes o ddiddordeb gwaith cymdeithasol. Disgwylir i fyfyrwyr weithio'n annibynnol dan arweiniad goruchwyliaeth er mwyn cynhyrchu prosiect ymchwil graddfa fach (yn seiliedig ar ddogfennau a llenyddiaeth) mewn maes o ddiddordeb a ddewiswyd sy'n berthnasol i gynulleidfaoedd gwaith cymdeithasol ac ymarfer proffesiynol. Enwebir goruchwylydd i fyfyrwyr i gefnogi eu dysgu a thywys eu hymchwil yn ystod y sesiwn academaidd.

  • SW-M09 An Introduction to Social Work Practice Learning and Practice Assessing

    This module aims to equip qualified social workers intending to become `practice assessors¿ with the knowledge and skills to enable them to contribute to a social work student¿s learning in a planned and effective way and make sound judgments about student competence. Completion of this module also provides evidence of meeting the Care Council for Wales¿s re-registration requirements for continuing professional education and learning. Successful completion provides recognition that the practice assessing candidate is competent to provide practice assessment to others.

  • SW-M09W Cyflwyniad i Ddysgu Ymarfer Ac Asesu Ymarfer Gwaith Cymdeithasol

    Nod y modiwl hwn yw paratoi gweithwyr cymdeithasol cymwysedig i fod yn `aseswyr ymarfer¿ gan roi iddynt yr wybodaeth a¿r sgiliau i¿w galluogi i gyfrannu at ddysgu myfyrwyr gwaith cymdeithasol mewn modd cynlluniedig ac effeithiol. Mae cwblhau'r modiwl hefyd yn darparu tystiolaeth o fodloni gofynion ailgofrestru Cyngor Gofal Cymru ar gyfer addysg a dysgu proffesiynol parhaus. Wrth iddo gwblhau'r modiwl yn llwyddiannus, cydnabyddir bod yr ymgeisydd asesu ymarfer yn gymwys i asesu ymarfer eraill.

  • SW-M10 Advanced Social Work Practice Learning and Practice Assessing

    The module will review, update and build-upon the knowledge and skills introduced within the 20 credit Level 7 ASQM10 Introduction to Social Work Practice Learning and Practice Assessing module. Candidates will be supported to reflect on their contributions to social work students¿ learning, ensuring that they continue to provide effective and informed practice assessment to others.

  • SW-M10W Dysgu Ymarfer ac Asesu Ymarfer Gwaith Cymdeithasol Uwch

    Bydd y modiwl yn adolygu, yn diweddaru ac yn datblygu'r wybodaeth a'r sgiliau a gyflwynwyd yn y modiwl Lefel 7, 20 credyd, Cyflwyniad i Ddysgu Ymarfer ac Asesu Ymarfer Gwaith Cymdeithasol ASQM10. Cefnogir ymgeiswyr i fyfyrio ar eu cyfraniadau at ddysgu myfyrwyr gwaith cymdeithasol, gan sicrhau eu bod yn parhau i asesu eraill mewn modd effeithiol a gwybodus.

Key Grants and Projects

  • Care Council for Wales, Service User and Carer funding 2016 - 2016

    , £2,500

  • Care Council for Wales for Regional Conference for Practice Assessors 2013 - 2013

    , £2,777

  • South Wales Local Authorities & Higher Education Academy Conference 2012 - 2012

    , £10,000