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I am a historian of twentieth century medicine, with a special interest in the evolution of scientific medicine and clinical research in the UK during the inter-war period. I have also published on, and have ongoing research interests in, the history of scientific advice to government, the history of medical institutions and education, the UK's WW2 Emergency Medical Service, the role of South Asian doctors in the NHS, and in the use of patient narrative in medicine and healthcare.


  1. Fictional father?: Oliver Sacks and the revalidation of pathography. Medical Humanities
  2. Food for Thought?: The Relations between the Royal Society Food Committees and Government, 1915-19. Annals of Science 59(3), 263
  3. Glasgow's 'sick society'?: James Halliday, psychosocial medicine and medical holism in Britain c.1920-48. History of the Human Sciences 25(5), 73-90.
  4. Teamwork, Clinical Research and the Development of Scientific Medicines in Interwar Britain: The "Glasgow School" Revisited'. Bulletin of the History of Medicine 81(3 Fall 2007), 569-593.
  5. Fictional Fathers?: Oliver Sacks, Alexander Luria and the return of pathography to the clinic’. Medicine and Literature

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Programme Director - College of Human and Health Sciences

    2008 - 2013

  • Admissions Tutor - College of Human and Health Sciences

    2007 - 2013

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
2003 2004 Research Assistant, part-time Lecturer, Outreach Officer Universit College, London
1999 2002 Wellcome Trust Research Fellow Glasgow University
1995 1999 Research Assistant and Author, Wellcome Trust funded project Glasgow University

External Responsibilities

Key Grants and Projects

  • Rockefeller Research Visit Travel Grant 2009 - 2009

    Working on scientific medicine in the UK (with special focus on Cardiff) at the Rockefeller Archives, Tarrytown, NY., $1,600

Research Groups

  • Research Group for Health, History and Culture

    The Research Group for Health, History and Culture seeks to understand these problems by engaging the arts and humanities with healthcare practice. A joint initiative between the College of Human and Health Sciences and the College of Arts and Humanities, the Group brings together researchers who apply the concepts and/or methods of history, literature and the visual arts to the analysis of health and the provision of healthcare.