Dr Zhongfu Zhou
Lecturer in Power Electronics
Telephone: (01792) 295232
Room: Academic Office - B211
Second Floor
Engineering East
Bay Campus

I obtained my PhD degree in Power Electronics from Sussex University in 2004 then joined Swansea University as a research officer.  I’m currently a Lecturer in Power Electronics in the College of Engineering at Swansea University.

My current research interests are in: Power electronics converters and controls for solar and wave power conversion systems, Electrical machine control and power systems. I have also published over 50 scientific papers in various international journals and conferences in the area of power electronics and power system.


  1. Igic, P., Holland, P., Zhou, Z. Design and analysis of a feedforward control scheme for a three-phase voltage source pulse width modulation rectifier using sensorless load current signal IET Power Electronics
  2. Igic, P., Zhou, Z., Knapp, W., MacEnri, J., Sørensen, H., Friis-Madsen, E., Igic, P., Zhou, Z. Multi-megawatt offshore wave energy converters – electrical system configuration and generator control strategy IET Renewable Power Generation 5 1 10 17
  3. Jankovic, N., Zhou, Z., Batcup, S., Igic, P. An advanced physics-based sub-circuit model of a punch-trough insulated gate bipolar transistor International Journal of Electronics 96 7 767 779
  4. Zhou, Z., Igic, P. High-speed electro-thermal modelling of a three-phase insulated gate bipolar transistor inverter power module International Journal of Electronics 97 2 195 205
  5. Zhou, Z. Compact thermal model of a three-phase IGBT inverter power module

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  • EG-345 Power Electronics

    The module introduces circuit topologies and switching techniques for power electronics systems.

  • EGLM02 Advanced Power Electronics and Drives

    This module introduces advanced circuit topologies of power electronics systems for high power applications; the power quality issues will also be addressed by covering passive and active power filters, front end active circuit topologies and harmonic standards. An introduction to modern variable speed AC and DC drives for industrial applications will also be introduced.

  • EGLM06 Energy and Power Electronics Laboratory

    The module covers main aspects of Engineering Applications for the MSc students in electrical & electronics engineering. It includes preparation, performance and reporting on a structured series of experiments supporting the taught modules at this level and gives the hands-on experience of electrical machine and renewable energy system operation, practice in using IT packages to assist with the laboratory work and report writing.


  • 1. Investigation of the Endothermic Charge Characteristics of an Electric Field for Renewable Energy Generation experimenting with a Lithium Battery and inductor circuit. (current)

    Other supervisor: Mr Stephen Batcup
    Other supervisor: Dr Augustine Egwebe
  • Multiple function module based renewable energy source emulator (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Augustine Egwebe
  • Residential PV Energy Management System (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Meghdad Fazeli
  • Advanced PV inverter topology and control strategies for PV power generation systems. (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Mike Jennings
  • Design of Ancillary Services for Battery Energy Storage Systems to Improve Power Quality in Distribution Grids (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Grazia Todeschini
  • Design and Implementation of Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques with Emulated PV Source Based Photovoltaic System (awarded 2019)

    Other supervisor: Dr Petar Igic
    Other supervisor: Prof Karol Kalna

External Responsibilities

  • Member of UK Committee, IEC Standards

    2010 - Present