Senior Lecturer
Telephone: (01792) 602994
Room: Academic Office - B204
Second Floor
Engineering East
Bay Campus


  1. & Modeling of surface gap state passivation and Fermi level de-pinning in solar cells. Applied Physics Letters 114(22), 222106
  2. & Atomic structure and band alignment at Al2O3/GaN, Sc2O3/GaN and La2O3/GaN interfaces: A first-principles study. Microelectronic Engineering, 111039
  3. & Chemical bonding and band alignment at X2O3/GaN (X = Al, Sc) interfaces. Applied Physics Letters 114(16), 161601
  4. & Band Offset Models of Three-Dimensionally Bonded Semiconductors and Insulators. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123(9), 5562-5570.
  5. & Atomic structure and electronic structure of disordered graphitic carbon nitride. Carbon 147, 483-489.

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Academic History

Date Qualification Location
2013 PhD Engineering Cambridge University
2009 MSc Materials Science and Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology
2007 BSc Physics Peking University

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
2015 2016 Visiting Scholar Harvard University
2013 2015 Research Associate Cambridge University