Dr Yuying Xia
Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Telephone: (01792) 295514


  1. Chen, Q., Zhao, Z., Xia, Y., Pan, C., Luo, H., Zhang, R. Comfort based floor design employing tuned inerter mass system Journal of Sound and Vibration 458 143 157


  • EG-166 Engineering Mechanics

    This module aims to provide the students with the basic knowledge of the fundamental concepts of statics, including force, moment/couple, resultant force and resultant moment of a general force-couple system, equilibrium conditions/equations of a force system, common types of constraints/supports, and free body diagram, and by applying these concepts, the students will be able to solve statically determined truss structures using the methods of joints and sections.

  • EG-263 Engineering Design 2

    Within this module students will be expected to complete a series of exercises that will the form the basis of a 'major' design. The scope of the module will involve the students to work in groups where they will consider, as a team, conceptual designs, embodiment using innovative approaches to design processes and standards etc leading to final desgin documentations and manufacturing techniques,