Dr Timothy Davies
Senior Lecturer
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Room: Academic Office - B207
Engineering East
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  • EG-151 Microcontrollers

    This module introduces basic microcontroller structure and operation.

  • EG-152 Analogue Design

    The module covers aspects of Engineering Applications for Level 1 students and all aspects of the design process for analogue circuits. It includes preparation, performance and reporting on a structured series of experiments supporting the taught modules at this level and gives practice in using IT packages to assist with report writing.

  • EG-240 Electronic Circuits

    This module introduces circuit elements such as transistors and FETs and shows how they can be used as amplifiers and switches.The amplification and bias conditions for transistor amplifiers are analysed and discussed in detail. Circuit elements necessary for building operational amplifiers such as the long tailed pair and the current mirror are analysed, and a complete circuit for an operational amplifier is discussed. Some applications of operational amplifiers such as the function generator and instrumentation amplifier are introduced with practical applications. Circuits using MOSFETs for logic and analogue switches are described.

  • EG-252 Group Design Exercise

    The module is intended to reinforce aspects of Engineering Applications (EA1) and develop EA2. Advanced features of microcontroller operation are introduced, including interrupts and programming of features of the selected microcontroller. Extended experimental work is carried out as a Group Design Exercise. Practice in using technical IT packages including microcontroller software development and the use of design aids such as PCBs and engineering drawing is inherent. Development of project documentation through a web-site.

  • EG-340 Design Electronics

    The huge range of electronic devices available today are based on a limited number of circuit elements. For example, cellular mobile telephones use basic circuits such as oscillators, frequency synthesisers, frequency selective circuits, in addition to sophisticated digital components. In this module, some of the key circuits are identified and discussed, including analogue multipliers, frequency selective networks, frequency synthesisers, and ADC/DAC techniques.

  • EGA222 Practical Circuits A

    This module provides a practical experience of some of the material presented in taught modules, including experiments on Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Modulation and Digital Modulation.

  • EGA223 Practical Circuits B

    This module provides a practical experience of some of the material presented in taught modules. It includes experiments on the bipolar transistor, the long tailed pair and the instrumentation amplifier supporting the module EG-240 Electronic Circuits. In addition, a series of experiments on electrical machines is carried out, featuring the DC motor, Transformers, and the Induction Motor. These experiments support EG-241, Electrical Machines.


  • Magnetic sensor testing and characterisation at high-temperatures (current)

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    Other supervisor: Dr Petar Igic