Areas of Expertise

  • Miniaturised Testing
  • Additive Manufacturing Processes
  • Solid State Welding Processes
  • Nickel Superalloys
  • Titanium Alloys
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • Failure Analysis


  1. Lewis, D., Lancaster, R., Jeffs, S., Illsley, H., Davies, S., Baxter, G., Lancaster, R., Jeffs, S. Characterising the fatigue performance of additive materials using the small punch test Materials Science and Engineering: A
  2. Hilal, H., Lancaster, R., Jeffs, S., Boswell, J., Stapleton, D., Baxter, G. The Influence of Process Parameters and Build Orientation on the Creep Behaviour of a Laser Powder Bed Fused Ni-based Superalloy for Aerospace Applications Materials 12 9 1390
  3. Davies, S., Jeffs, S., Coleman, M., Lancaster, R., Coleman, M., Lancaster, R., Jeffs, S. Effects of heat treatment on microstructure and creep properties of a laser powder bed fused nickel superalloy Materials & Design 159 39 46
  4. Holmström, S., Li, Y., Dymacek, P., Vacchieri, E., Jeffs, S., Lancaster, R., Omacht, D., Kubon, Z., Anelli, E., Rantala, J., Tonti, A., Komazaki, S., Naveena, ., Bruchhausen, M., Hurst, R., Hähner, P., Richardson, M., Andres, D., Lancaster, R., Jeffs, S. Creep strength and minimum strain rate estimation from Small Punch Creep tests Materials Science and Engineering: A
  5. Lancaster, R., Jeffs, S., Illsley, H., Argyrakis, C., Hurst, R., Baxter, G., Lancaster, R., Jeffs, S. Development of a Novel Methodology to Study Fatigue Properties using the Small Punch Test Materials Science and Engineering: A 748 21 29

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  • EGA119 Engineering Skills for Aerospace Engineers

    The module will introduce students to a range of professional skills that are part of engineering practice such as group work, ethics, sustainability, health & safety and employability. Technical communication and report writing will also be introduced in the module in the context of the Bloodhound SSC. To allow students to practice these skills a statistical based analysis exercise using Excel will be undertaken. Excel, uncertainty and statistical skills will also be taught as part of the module to support the analysis exercise.

  • EGA324 Mechanical Engineering Practice

    The course builds on the knowledge and experience developed by the students in experimental studies during Level 2. A number of advanced scientific experiments will be undertaken. In addition, students will carry out a number of modelling benchmark problems in order to develop their ability to create appropriate models, interpret the predictions and compare them with alternative solutions.


  • Recommend a change in thesis title to the following:«br /»«br /»«br /» "Deformation and fracture of Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC)" (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Martin Bache
  • Corrosion of F1E Study. (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Robert Lancaster
  • Environmentally induced damage propagation with localised stresses in CMCs (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Robert Lancaster
  • Corrosion between composites and non-corrosion resistant steel (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Robert Lancaster
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites Condition Assessment and Damage Monitoring (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Zak Quiney
  • Aqueous Corrosion-Fatigue of Custom 450 for Banded Stators (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Robert Lancaster

External Responsibilities

  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

    2018 - Present

  • Guest Editor, TAAFM special edition – ‘‘Miniaturised Testing’’

    2018 - Present

  • Reviewer, Eight International Journals

    2014 - Present

Academic History

Date Qualification Location
2018 Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PGCtHE SALT, Swansea University

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Environmental Coordinator - College of Engineering

    2017 - Present