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Lowri’s research interests lie within the field of sport pedagogy, physical literacy and physical activity participation among children and adolescents. Lowri’s PhD research evaluated the effectiveness of a physical literacy professional development intervention with primary school teachers. The professional development programme developed from her PhD were utilised in a nationally funded Sport Wales 'Physical Literacy Programme for Schools' project to further impact primary school teachers and pupils across South Wales.

Current research areas:

Physical literacy

Physical Education, particularly in primary schools

Health and wellbeing in the new Welsh curriculum

Continual professional development for teachers

Physical activity participation among children and adolescents

Collaborative partners:

International Physical Literacy Association

Areas of Expertise

  • Physical literacy
  • Sport pedagogy
  • Physical Education
  • Paediatric physical activity


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  • Improving attainment and activity by enriching children's health and wellbeing in the community and in schools across Bridgend. (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Lucy Griffiths
    Other supervisor: Prof Gareth Stratton