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  1. Yusenko, K., Bykova, E., Bykov, M., Riva, S., Crichton, W., Yusenko, M., Sukhikh, A., Arnaboldi, S., Hanfland, M., Dubrovinsky, L., & Gromilov, S. Ir–Re binary alloys under extreme conditions and their electrocatalytic activity in methanol oxidation. Acta Materialia, 139, 236-243.
  2. Yusenko, K., Bykova, E., Bykov, M., Gromilov, S., Kurnosov, A., Prescher, C., Prakapenka, V., Crichton, W., Hanfland, M., Margadonna, S., & Dubrovinsky, L. High-pressure high-temperature stability of hcp-IrxOs1−x (x = 0.50 and 0.55) alloys. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 700, 198-207.
  3. Yusenko, K., Riva, S., Carvalho, P., Yusenko, M., Arnaboldi, S., Sukhikh, A., Hanfland, M., & Gromilov, S. First hexagonal close packed high-entropy alloy with outstanding stability under extreme conditions and electrocatalytic activity for methanol oxidation. Scripta Materialia, 138, 22-27.
  4. Asanova, T., Kantor, I., Asanov, I., Korenev, S., & Yusenko, K. Thermal decomposition of ammonium hexachloroosmate. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 18(48), 33134-33141.
  5. Nakagawa, T., Yuan, Z., Zhang, J., Yusenko, K., Drathen, C., Liu, Q., Margadonna, S., & Jin, C. Structure and magnetic property of potassium intercalated pentacene: observation of superconducting phase in KxC22H14. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 28(48), 484001

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