Professor Huw Summers

Huw Summer

Welcome to the Department of Engineering

The Department of Engineering at Swansea University continues to maintain its position as one of the top colleges in the UK with our research being recognised worldwide.

We have been based at Swansea University’s beach fronted Bay Campus since it opened in 2015 and now have seven buildings dedicated to engineering, home to nearly 4,000 students, holding well-over 30,000m2 of laboratory and office space and £10 million of new research and teaching equipment.

Our innovative courses are accredited by professional bodies and delivered by highly qualified teachers in a modern, dynamic environment. From application to enrolment, registration, teaching and assessment we have a professional administrative team who are dedicated to enabling the best student experience.

The College has internationally-recognised excellence in various areas of research, aligned to the following four themes Digital and Computational Engineering; Health, Wellbeing & Sport; Materials and Manufacturing and Water, Energy & Sustainability.

Our main projects include turning building into power stations, creating a 21st century steels and metals industry and developing high performance materials, sensors and computational simulations that feed into cutting edge technology.

There are currently nearly 1,000 members of staff here in the College of Engineering and being a cross-disciplinary department means that we reap the rewards of working together by constantly sharing expertise and technologies.

With our world-class research centres and a sustained investment programme to provide outstanding resources and facilities, the College of Engineering provides a superb environment in which to work, study or conduct research.

Best wishes,

Professor Huw Summers