Dr Christopher Jobling
Senior Lecturer
Telephone: (01792) 295580
Room: Academic Office - B206
Second Floor
Engineering East
Bay Campus


  • EG-247 Signals and Systems

    To develop further methods of representing and analysing dynamic systems, to extend these concepts to sampled-data systems, to introduce concepts in digital signal processing and to use computer-aided methods for modelling and analysis.

  • EG-252 Group Design Exercise

    The module is intended to reinforce aspects of Engineering Applications (EA1) and develop EA2. Advanced features of microcontroller operation are introduced, including interrupts and programming of features of the selected microcontroller. Extended experimental work is carried out as a Group Design Exercise. Practice in using technical IT packages including microcontroller software development and the use of design aids such as PCBs and engineering drawing is inherent. Development of project documentation through a web-site. Concepts of engineering ethics introduced in first year are developed through a formal lecture, and examined as part of the presentation in the final assessment.

  • EG-3063 Control Systems (Mechanical Engineering)

    The module introduces the topic of feedback control systems and presents methods of modelling that lead to transient, steady state and stability performances in control systems. An emphasis is placed on links between time responses and complex frequency domains. Principal topics are feedback systems, Bode, Nyquist and root-locus analysis, stability conditions and compensation design. The overall aim is to understand and be able to apply basic techniques for the analysis and design of feedback control systems.

  • EGLM03 Modern Control Systems

    This module introduces ideas in modern control systems and their applications.


  • Maintenance Strategy Methods for Railway Signalling Systems (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Pavel Loskot
  • 'Self-Mapping Wireless Networks with Graph Theory' (awarded 2017)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Jason Jones