Dr Gethin Matthews

Dr Gethin Matthews

Senior Lecturer, History

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+44 (0) 1792 606536

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Dr Gethin Matthews is a senior lecturer in the History Department at Swansea University, where he has been since 2011. His PhD explored the history of the Welsh in the Gold Rushes, but for the past decade he has been researching the impact of the First World War upon Welsh society and culture. His edited volume Creithiau (2016) provided an important assessment in Welsh of the effects of the war upon Wales. His latest book, Having a Go at the Kaiser: A Welsh Family at War, published in 2018, explored the impact of the war upon three brothers and their loved ones, based upon over a hundred of their letters. He wrote a series of contributions for both academic and popular history publications during the Centenary of the First World War, and while that research interest is still current, he is also returning his attention to the question of Welsh involvement in the Gold Rushes and in imperial ventures.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Welsh Society and Culture - First World War
  • Memorials to the First World War
  • Wales and the British Empire
  • Welsh migration and Welsh communities overseas
  • Gold Rushes
  • Oral History of Welsh involvement in the two World Wars
  • Wales and the American Civil War

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

Dr Matthews is involved in teaching a wide range of modules, in both English and Welsh, dealing with aspects of Welsh History, Oral History, Empire History etc.


Dr Matthews has given research papers on a wide variety of topics related to Welsh history. Some are available to view online, such as ‘Seeing the contribution of Welsh women in the First World War’ (March 2020 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGF6AsXFmLQ  ; ‘‘Llythyr o Faes y Gwaed’: Disgrifiadau o ymladd ac erchyllterau yn llythyrau Milwyr Cymreig o Ryfel Cartref America a’r Rhyfel Mawr’ (June 2019) -https://llyfrgell.porth.ac.uk/View.aspx?id=5708~4u~vB7gUHN6 ; ‘Milwyr Cymru yn yr Aifft a Phalesteina 1916-1918’ (Feb 2018) -https://llyfrgell.porth.ac.uk/View.aspx?id=4183~4q~qOP8euUM  ; ‘Canadians and Australians on Welsh war memorials’ (April 2017) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS5g3KMgUoo&t=72s  ; ‘Merched ar gofebau’r Rhyfel Mawr’ (Feb 2017) - https://llyfrgell.porth.ac.uk/View.aspx?id=2969~4A~CILKdUaP  ; ‘Ffaith a Ffuglen - Cyn-filwyr a'u hatgofion’ (Jan 2014) - https://llyfrgell.porth.ac.uk/View.aspx?id=1901~4l~LpqpFeRb

Award Highlights
Having a Go at the Kaiser: A Welsh Family at War was on the shortlist for the Wa

Having a Go at the Kaiser: A Welsh Family at War was on the shortlist for the Wales Book of the Year award in 2019, in the ‘Creative non-fiction’ category