Dr Ibtihal Ramadan

Dr Ibtihal Ramadan

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Prior to joining Swansea University, I was a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Edinburgh, Moray House School of Education and Sports, MHSES. My research aligned with decolonising the curriculum movement. I examined the experiences of Muslim academics on the extent to which universities support their attempts to critically engage with issues related to the Muslim Question within Humanities and Social Science disciplines, in order to challenge the normative narrative that alienates Muslims and Islam in the West.

During my PhD and postdoctoral research fellowship, I worked also as a PG-tutor for  PG- MSc programmes, MHSES, supervised  PG dissertation  and contributed to wider activities within MHSES.

Prior to that, I completed my PhD at MHSES, which has marked my career change.  I shifted my research interests from language education,  as I did an MSc TESOL at MHSES, and was a language teacher at universities in Palestinian context.

My PhD, a qualitative interdisciplinary study, with a thematic focus on Muslims, spanned: Sociology, Social Policy, higher education policies of equality and diversity, and the experiences of minorities in higher education. My thesis explored the experiences of Muslim academics and their Muslim as well as their professional identities. There accounts highlighted issues of racism, Islamophobia, as well as other challenges within the academy and beyond.