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I am working as part-time Lecturer for Egyptology at Swansea University, as well as part-time Lecturer for Egyptian Archaeology at UWTSD, Lampeter, having previously taught for 3 years as affiliated lecturer and supervisor at Cambridge University both within the Oriental Tripos (Egyptology) and the Archaeological Tripos as well as at the University of Leipzig, Germany.

My courses cover ancient Egyptian religion, history and social history, art and architecture as well as interconnections with neighbouring countries. Furthermore, I gave and give language classes on Middle and Late Egyptian. In Lampeter I am also covering the areas museum, libraries and archives as part of heritage.

I see myself as having broad historical, cultural, and religious interests that cross disciplines and time periods, having been trained both in Egyptology (with a focus on social aspects of ancient Egyptian history and society) and as a media-historian (PhD in Egyptology, University of Leipzig, Germany; MA in Egyptology, Media Science and Economy, University of Leipzig; Diploma of Library Sciences, University of applied sciences HTWK Leipzig). This is combined with a long-standing interest in interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to cultural phenomena, especially those of ancient Egypt. Knowledge and its rootedness in society is an area that I am keen to expand. This long-standing interest for interdisciplinary work is reflected in my PhD dissertation “Bibliotheken, Archive und Erinnerungskultur im Alten Ägypten” (Libraries, Archives, and the Organization of Collective Wisdom in Ancient Egypt).