Professor Deborah Youngs
Telephone: (01792) 513115
Room: Office - 106
First Floor
Keir Hardie Building
Singleton Campus

Deborah Youngs is Professor of History and Deputy Head of the College of Arts & Humanities. A social and cultural historian of late medieval Britain, she began her research career exploring aristocratic culture before writing on attitudes towards issues of ageing and the life cycle in 14th and 15th century Europe.

The intersection of age and gender has been an important theme throughout her career, and more recent research has focused on the experiences of women in England's law courts during the early Tudor period. Between 2014-2018 she was PI on a 4-year collaborative project (funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council) entitled 'Women negotiating the Boundaries of Justice, c.1100-c.1750', which compared women's access to justice across Britain and Ireland. Her own work explores female litigants at the central courts of Star Chamber and Chancery, showing the challenges women faced, but also the strategies they employed to achieve successful outcomes. In addition, she is writing a monograph on the lives and experiences of women in Wales, 1350-1550.

Professor Youngs is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a member of MEMO, the Swansea Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Research.


  1. Youngs, D. “A Besy Woman … and Full of Lawe”: Female Litigants in Early Tudor Star Chamber Journal of British Studies 58 04 735 750
  2. Youngs, D. ‘IN TO THE STERRE CHAMBRE’: The Fifteenth Century XVII XVII 129 144
  3. Youngs, D. 'At HIR Owne Discrecion': Women and Will-Making In Late Medieval and Early Tudor Wales* The Welsh History Review / Cylchgrawn Hanes Cymru 29 3 408 435
  4. Youngs, D. '"A vice common in Wales": abduction, prejudice and the search for justice in the regional and central courts of early Tudor society' (Ed.), The Welsh and the medieval world, ed. by Patricia Skinner 131 153 Cardiff University of Wales Press
  5. Youngs, D. 'Entertainment networks, reading communities, and the early Tudor anthology: Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawlinson C.813' (Ed.), Insular Books: vernacular manuscript miscellanies in late medieval Britain 231 246 Oxford OUP/British Academy

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  • HIMD00 Medieval Studies Dissertation

    A dissertation of 15,000 - 20,000 words written on a topic decided by the student in consultation with the dissertation supervisor. This represents Part Two of the MA programme in Medieval Studies.


  • Alien Invasion: Attitudes to Immigration in England under the reign of Henry VIII (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Adam Mosley
  • Apprenticeship Indentures in England, 1250-1500 (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Matthew Stevens
  • Cultural Shift: Female Identity and Expression in the Evolution of the Shift Dress (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Stephen Mcveigh

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Deputy Head of College, Arts & Humanities - Swansea University

    2011 - Present

  • Director of Learning & Teaching, College of Arts & Humanities - Swansea University

    2011 - 2016